March for peace to be held in Redwood Falls June 5

Staff Writer
Redwood Falls Gazette
The march is scheduled to end at the Zeb Gray shelter in Ramsey Park. A memorial service will be held at the shelter as well.

A march for peace is being held June 5 in Redwood Falls.

The event, which is scheduled to start at 5:30 p.m., will begin at the Redwood Falls municipal airport and will continue into town for approximately 2.6 miles ending at the Zeb Gray shelter in Ramsey Park.

Dan Kates of Redwood Falls, who is helping to coordinate the event this Friday, indicated that the march will not be held on Bridge Street (Highway 19/71) itself.

In a Facebook post regarding the event, Kates emphasized the fact that not being able to march on the highway is not a local decision, but that state law requires a permit.

Local law enforcement as well as staff from the City of Redwood Falls will be on hand to ensure the safety of those who will be marching.

According to Kates, signs are very much encouraged, but he added he does not want signs attacking anyone.

“If that’s your mentality coming into this, please stay home,” Kates wrote. “We want all the allies we can get, but we want allies with the same goals and mindset as us. Anger is OK, but channeling that anger positively is the key.”

Kates added, there will be a memorial in the park running simultaneously to the march, so those who choose to not go to the march but still want to pay respects will be able to do that.

Participants are asked to wear black if possible to show our unity and solidarity.

The event is set to end at 8 p.m.

Transportation will be provided back to vehicles at the airport.