Dear Santa Claus . . . from Wabasso kindergarten and 1st graders

Redwood Falls Gazette

Kindergarten and 1st grade classes in Wabasso were invited to send the Gazette letters to Santa Claus. The students wrote their letters as optional home optional projects. Class photos were also optional and Wabasso Public School kindergarten does not participate in the project.

Mrs. Schmitz' Kindergarten class at St. Anne’s School

St. Anne's Kindergarten class, front from left: Dustin Lemcke, Cynthia Novak, Lanah Guetter, Adalyn Turbes, Grace Schunk. Middle: Jameson Plaetz, Lachlan Clark, Max Guetter, Isaiah Schmidt, Malee Altermatt, Dominic Vogl. Back: Leighton Jenniges, Arya Dolan, Lydia Irlbeck, Elloray Eichten, Roland Weisinger.

To Santa I love you. I woNt cRaFts FoR CRiSmas. I Hav BEN A GOOD Grl. My BRUtHRs Hav BEN GOOD. CRismas is VERE FuN. LovE AdAlyN Turbes

Dear Santa, My name is Elloray. I am 6 years old and live in Wabasso, Minnesota. For Christmas this year I want a fluffy chair, new desk, and hoverboard. Merry Christmas and have a great New Year. Love, Elloray

Deer Santa, Plese brinug me a 1:64th boat and a frm house. Max. My brother Colt want a toy tractor.

Der Santa, I am Roland I wot a sonic toy. I hav ben good. Roland

Dear Santa, I want a big family picture. I would like a watch, a new American Girl Doll and LOL dolls. From Malee


Dear Santa I wod likc a jepp a dinosor and a toy gi Love Dominic

Dear Santa, I luv you santa. Thank you for presents. I wud like dinosors and a slinky. From Jameson

Dear Santa, What I want for crismis is a pop it and slim and pushup penculz and mac and cheez and ulurm cloc and wintr fac nalz and eringz and chetu sliprz. I am 5.

To Santa, I would like some more socks, and I also want games, toys, coloring books, and a picture of Santa. From Cynthia

Dear Santa, For crismas I want baby food toys a shopkins a fake phone a bunny, cat and dog and slim. Love Grace

Dear Santa, I would like a lol surprise omg doll for Christmas. She has purple and silver hands. From Lanah Guetter

Der Santa I want a nurf gun, viking helmit, bat glovs, hot wheel track, case corn head, a litle stufd anamal dog, roller blads, scooter for christmas. Thank you santa from Isaiah

Mrs. Lazatin's 1st grade class at St. Anne’s School

Mrs. Lazatin's 1st grade class, front from left: Aria Pope, Grant Leopold, Jaden Knott, Blaikely Samyn, Bryce Altermatt, Elsie Goblirsch. Back: Willa Clark, Leo Prokosch, Emsley Daub, Brock Irlbeck, Addison Knott, Nolan Salfer, and Samuel Kidrowski. Not pictured: Hunter Lemcke.

Dear Santa, I wud lic a rumot trol shark car. Mare Crismis, Nolan

Dear Santa, I want legos and tracktrs. From Bryce

Dere Santa Claws, Can I have a grat CHRISTMAS?   Can I have a rele smart bord, rele Phone, twin dols a boy and gearl, Three dogs named Ogey, Grifey, and Misolto?  No rele cats. Have a good CHRISTMAS. Love Blaikely

Im good and good ol weak. Frum Grant

To Santa How old are you?  How many elfs do you have?  I promis I have ben good all yeer.  For Christmas I want an American girl doll campr. Love Elsie Goblirsch

Mrs. Rohlik’s 1st grade class at Wabasso Public School 

Dear Santa, Tack you for presents I wont to have a twistepet Babe twistepet mom LOLs and Kids LOLs and Babe LOLs. Love, Rylee D.

Dear Santa, I wud Like a hot weel set and sliprs and a huvr bored. Love, Camden W.

Dear Santa, For Crismas I wot the bigist umugus popit in the wrld Love, Liam G.

Dear Santa, I wat a bee gun. also I wat a xbox. hack u vary much. Love, Julian R.

Dear Santa, I Love my elvs Blitz and Ivy and you! can you bring me a popit and PoleyPockist in my stocking? We wil have ckooces for you. Love, Brynnley H.

Dear Santa, I have Been pridy Good this year. I like this year. a Barbes. The Book with no pishr. maybe a woch, Cow Girl bots, and sum dresses ples. I wich you marey Crismis. Love, Lauren R.

Dear Santa, I yont nrf guns and I yont a Cr that drivs but it duzint need gas it is poyrd bi badrees. Love, Ethan K.

Dear Santa, I wud lic beds with streign, a robot spidr, a woch, sum fun gams. Santa cud giv uthers gevs to. Love, Alan H.

Dear Santa, for Chrismis I wont is tow flileen pixee, Smely Marcrs, Culreen boock, the boock with no pixrs, Magup, Nal Stuf, Robe, 3D Pen, PJs, Payyt, Payyt Brush, Elf On The Shelf, uon crds, Snowe glob, Love, Ava J.