Andrew Riehs is generous volunteer and community supporter

Deb Moldaschel
Redwood Falls Gazette

 Andrew Riehs is a very busy community volunteer and also donates money to a number of local causes. He doesn’t do it to get his picture in the paper, but sometimes a person just has to accept the accolades that come for their generous contributions to community life.

Andrew Riehs works at Sanborn Manufacturing in Springfield, where he was honored as Employee of the Month in February. Andrew is generous with his time, talent and treasure in the Redwood Falls community.

Andrew is a client of REM and lives at his group home on Indal Street. He said being with his family at Indal (which is how he thinks of the staff and residents there)  is a blessing that has taught him how to be involved in his community and be nice and kind to people. 

Terry Greenslit, a member of the staff at Andrew’s house, agreed with him. She said, “We do treat each other with kindness and respect like a family should.” Greenslit helped Andrew send the Gazette a list of his interests and favorite causes, after we talked on the phone the other day.

Andrew said he donates money to Redwood Falls High School (including a recent gift of $1,000) because, “I like to help kids in the community, because they are the future.”

He enjoys playing Santa for nursing homes and Peoples First, because he wants to bring joy during the holiday season. He also volunteers as a Salvation Army Bell Ringer during the holiday season.

“I volunteer to work at Ruby’s Pantry because I like to meet new people in the community,” said Andrew.

Andrew is a member of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church and said, “I donate money to church because I am part of the church family.” He also plays on the church softball team and is an active member of Jesus Cares.

Andrew likes making hats for people who need them and for animals at the animal shelter. “I also donate money to the animal shelter so they can find homes for the animals and give them the care they need,” he said.

Andrew likes to support local fundraisers for groups like the Girl Scouts and for school-age kids who are selling stuff as a fundraiser.

Other fun and helpful things that Andrew does for enjoyment and for the community include making birthday cards for people, donating blood to Red Cross, making projects to enter in the fair, actively participating in Special Olympics, volunteering to clean up after Farmfest, and, especially fun, dressing up in a costume on Halloween and giving out candy to kids Trick or Treating.

Andrew does all these things while also working at Sanborn Manufacturing in Springfield. He must stand out there, too. He was honored as Employee of the Month in February.

Many thanks to Andrew Riehs for demonstrating to all of us how we can be helpful and supportive members of the community.