The Redwood Area School District (RASD) COVID committee met Oct. 1 in a Google meet to discuss the week's coronavirus case number and to look at a potential learning model change.  

The school district's Minnesota Department of Education number for the week (dates: Sept. 6-19) is a 48.27, and when public health subtracted the facility incident cases the number is 22.87.     According to Becky Cselovszki, RASD superintendent, that number puts the school district in the recommended category of hybrid learning for all students. The committee decided to go with that model, with one exception, and that is in grades 5 and 6.     The change is effective as of Oct. 12.   Students in grades K-4 will implement the hybrid model (which means all Reede Gray students will still be attending each day). The changes are all internal, so parents will not notice a change.   Students in grades 5-6 will remain in an in-person model with social distancing as much as possible. The classrooms are set up with students between four to five feet apart.  They are not quite large enough with the class sizes to get to six feet.    According to Cselovszki, the concern with a true hybrid model is two-fold.    The first is that the district believes it needs to keep the elementary students in front of their teachers as much as possible, and second is that the need for child care on the "off" days will be a concern in the community and for school district staffing as well.     Students in grades 7-12 were already in hybrid model, so they stay in hybrid and continue what they have been doing.   Changes in numbers could impact the outcome. Parents are encouraged to visit the Redwood Area School District Web site at for the most recent information.   Cselovszki added, the district will be "encouraging our students, parents, and community to help us each day but especially over MEA break.  Practicing social distancing and masking will help keep our students in school and our extra curriculars in action."