The story known as the Passion is the foundation of the Christian faith.

That account recorded in the Bible tells of the life of Jesus, as well as what led him to the cross where he would be crucified.

The New Testament Gospels recount the story of Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem and the events from his arrest, appearances before religious and governmental rulers as well as the steps he took carrying his own cross to the place of the skull.

Over the centuries, artists have tried to depict those events, and among them are sculptors who have created life like images of Jesus.

Those sculptures help to tell the story, and along Minnesota Trunk Highway 19 near Milroy in Redwood County a new statue has been erected known as The Carrying of the Cross. This statue has also been erected by Mike Dolan. 

Dolan, who erected a crucifix on the location at the intersection with Dayton Avenue (CSAH 5) in 2016, indicated he wants the location to provide a place for people to stop and take time to reflect.

“I want this to be an ecumenical site,” said Dolan, who added people of all faiths are welcome.

The statues that have been erected tell a story, said Dolan, adding the art work on the second statue was done by Michael Montag of Omaha, Neb., who also sculpted the first statue that was erected on the site.

Dolan said he emphasized the fact that he wanted the statues to be similar in size and for the faces to look the same.

“I am very pleased with it. It turned out better than I expected,” said Dolan, who pointed specifically to the design of the cross Jesus is carrying, which he said really looks like wood.

Dolan said he added a new parking area and a trail to allow for people to better enjoy the statues. He is also considering the addition of another bench next to the newest statue.

Dolan also expressed appreciation to those who have showed support for his efforts, and to those, including his brother, Ken Dolan, who have worked to help make the site look so nice.

When asked, Dolan said time will tell if anything else is going to be added to the site.

“I hope people continue to enjoy it,” he said.