For much of their life, Scott and Jen Jeffrey were not Christians, but when they made the decision to become followers of Jesus they did not do it halfway.

After years of working in the newspaper industry, Scott and Jen Jeffrey made a move to serve in ministry wherever God would lead them, and that has brought them to Redwood Falls where they are both working at Cornerstone Christian Church.

The Jeffrey family arrived in the community this summer, and, like so many other things, their move had been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

They were supposed to start their ministry earlier in the year, but that was put on hold for a period of time.

The good news, agreed Scott and Jen Jeffrey, is that they are here now, and things have been going very well for them as they adjust to life in rural Minnesota. 

Scott is serving as the church’s senior pastor, which means he is working to equip the congregation, to share and teach God’s word and to serve in the ministries of the church.

Jen is serving in a part-time role as youth and family ministry coordinator. In that role, she is working with the volunteers of the church who help to offer programming for the children, teens and families.

Scott served in varied roles in the newspaper business, including that of general manager and vice-president of sales at a paper in Ames, Iowa.

He indicated that he had always believed in God, but was what he called a Christmas and Easter church attendee.

Jen said she did not grow up in the church. She actually became a Christian first following the 9/11 attacks. Jen added at that time she recognized the fact that it could have been her who was killed in an incident like that.

“I took stock in my life and decided I wanted to be on God’s side,” she said, adding that decision changed her life.

Initially, Scott did not follow along with Jen’s decision, but when his brother got very sick, he recognized that he also needed to make a decision about whose side he would choose.

While Scott admitted that was an emotional time, the reality is that his life changed when he made that decision.

“It would not just go away,” he said, adding as time went on he felt a call to step away from his career and move on to ministry.

At that time, Scott began studying for the ministry at Central Christian College of the Bible in Missouri.

“He was a 50-year-old freshman,” said Jen, adding he was the school’s first online graduate.

Scott and Jen also decided at that time to simplify their life, and they began their ministry role at the church they were attending in Ames.

Scott had already been part of the worship team, and as they brought him on they offered him $100 a week. Scott added the congregation demonstrated its support beyond that paycheck adding their needs were always met.

As the family was transitioning, Scott had a scare of his own with a diagnosis of stage 3 colon cancer. Jen called that period a dark time in their lives, but in the end they were able to see how God was with them.

“I feel blessed to even be here,” said Scott.” Things are all good for me now.”

Feeling the call to move on, the Jeffrey family ultimately ended up in Casper, Wyo. where Scott served as the senior pastor for seven years.

Jen also served in a similar role to what she is doing in Redwood Falls during part of their time in Wyoming.

Scott and Jen emphasized the fact that they really loved the church and the congregation in Wyoming, but they also felt the need to move closer to family.

They heard about the opening in Redwood Falls and looked into it.

Things happened so fast, Scott added, and before they knew it they were moving back to the midwest now in Minnesota.

“We were very attracted to the people here. They are very loving,” said Jen.

Scott and Jen have three sons, Eli, who is 25, Sam, who is 18, and Oliver, who is 15.

“We feel this is the right place,” said Scott.