Anyone who wants to learn how to hunt deer with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) can register and participate in a series of 10 online classes from mid-September to mid-October.

Classes will cover a variety of topics including how to prepare, where to hunt, picking a spot, gear for hunting, safety, regulations and how to care for meat from a harvest.

The first class is from 12-1 p.m. Sept. 15. Participants can tune in to any or all of the classes at no cost.

Regardless of where one is from, or how much experience they have, the DNR wants to give hunters the knowledge and information they'll need to get out into the deer woods. Each webinar will have time for questions with presenters.

• Sept. 15 - Class 1: Overview of webinar, introductions, to deer hunting, and what do you need to hunt deer

• Sept. 17 - Class 2: Deer biology, hunting history in Minnesota, hunter ethics, and why hunting matters

• Sept. 22 - Class 3: Rules and regulations, considerations when for hunting for food

• Sept. 24 - Class 4: Gear and equipment, what you need and what you don’t

• Sept. 29 - Class 5: Deer ecology and habitat use, online scouting, identifying public lands

• Oct. 1 - Class 6: Deer sign, scouting in the field

• Oct. 6 - Class 7: Setting up for a hunt I – pick a spot, adjust tactics through the season

• Oct. 8 - Class 8: Setting up for a hunt II – locations and stands that you can use

• Oct. 13 - Class 9: After the shot I – trailing, field dressing, retrieving an animal

• Oct. 15 - Class 10: After the shot II – butchering, processing, storing venison

Registration and post-event surveys are required.

Details are available on the DNR Web site at

– Image courtesy of the DNR Web site