Soon after the pandemic began it was often mentioned in various articles and on social media how people were looking forward to 2020 being behind us.

This got me thinking about time...

Yes, 2020 has been a bumpy year, but why rush the passing of the present?

I understand many just want to forget the year of how a pandemic has upended “normal” life.

The year is only about to get more volatile with the upcoming general election.

I understand the desire to want to look past the pandemic, however, we are still in the thick of it despite anyone’s desire to put it in the past.

Yes, life can seem dismal with a pandemic sweeping the globe and changing life as we had known it to be.

However, here we are... wishing and hoping will not change the present.

Life is still unfolding each and every day with joyous moments, such as births, weddings, the return of school for students and so on.

We each have the opportunity to seize control over our own personal lives to win over the pandemic with the practices to slow and stop the spread of the virus.

Yes, face coverings somehow have become politicized. Yes our country is heavily divided politically, but where will this approach get us?

We all have the freedom to form our own opinions, and that is powerful and magical in its own right.

Whatever one says, writes or posts online will most likely not change a pre-existing opinion.

However, it’s my hope that our community, state, country and global society can somehow find common ground to push forward and improve the chaos that seems to be all around us.

How can we bring action and solutions you may ask?

We each can each form and develop our own opinion and practices in combating COVID-19. From following physical distancing guidelines to adhering to wearing facial coverings – we can overcome COVID-19 with time, practice and patience.

Do you disagree with the approach of how the coronavirus has been handled by government officials? Simple solution – select a political candidate who supports your stance and vote, or simply enter the political arena yourself and create the change you seek. By choosing to not vote one simply loses their ability to exercise and create change.

We all know that it’s simple to sit in the bleachers and criticize the sports team, but playing the game is an entirely different mentality. I know full well that one person or one political candidate cannot satisfy all, but that one person can create the change that they seek.

As we enter into the back to school season and the throngs of the general election season, let us all focus on creating the change that we each personally desire from the power that we each possess to do so.

After all, who says 2021 is going to be any better?