During a special meeting held May 26, the Redwood Falls city council voted to open the community’s aquatic center July 1.

However, that does not mean the local amenity is actually going to open that day, because the city’s leadership is not certain what the guidance from the state for opening pools will be at that time.

Ross Nachreiner, city parks and recreation director, told the council he was hoping for a clearer picture from the state by the meeting Tuesday. 

The governor recently announced an opening of the state in phases, and, according to Nachreiner, the opening of pools falls under the third phase of the plan but no date for that phase has been set.

Yes, he added, he has been told the pool could open now, but the maximum capacity would be 10 people. He told the council that was just not feasible.

If the pool would open in July the season would still end in August, although Nachreiner said this year it could be extended a little further into the month based on later starts in the year at the college level.

E-mails from the community have been coming in, added Nachreiner. The content of those messages indicates that people want the pool to be open this summer in some way.

Matt Smith, city council member, reiterated his thought from the previous discussion at the council level when he said something needs to be done for the community, as right now it does not have a lot to go on because of all of the other cancellations and closures due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Even under the third phase the current allowance would be for 20 people in amenities like the pool, but members of the council believe the governor may give in to public pressure and change that guideline in the coming weeks.

The pool’s capacity is 595 said Nachreiner, and the pool really needs to have at least 25 percent of capacity to be feasible.

The council approved the July 1 opening on a 4-1 vote with Larry Arentson voting in opposition.