I hope those of you reading this are hanging in there amidst the environment we’re in right now.

I want to take a minute to reflect on our family situation right now. I’m working like crazy with my job which I’m very thankful to have. I just wrapped up also filling in for a while at the school helping out an old co-worker while she was out on maternity leave.

I’m trying to be a teacher, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, DAPE teacher, and, to be quite honest, I’m struggling to do it all.

My husband is a teacher and coach and is putting in significantly more hours than normal.

My kids?

Well that’s a whole different situation.

Needless to say, I think I can speak for those of us who are not licensed teachers and say “thank you” to those who are. We appreciate you.

Being a special education family has been very hard, but I have tried to give myself some grace, knowing that I really am trying to do my best.

Kennedy will be finishing up second grade June 2. She hasn’t seen hardly any friends besides through a computer since March 13. She is missing friends like crazy.

To those reading right now who have school age children, I’m sure you’re feeling the same thing. She isn’t sleeping well. She’s beyond tired of “school” with her mom.

I think I’m her least favorite teacher right now.

I can’t believe that Kolie will be a first grader in just a couple of weeks. It’s crazy how quickly my little girl just disappeared. She’ll be six right after we’re done with school.

She was very much looking forward to celebrating her birthday with her friends at school at the end of the year and her Grammy and Papa coming from Michigan. I haven’t had the heart yet to explain to her, they won’t make it – just one more thing for them to be disappointed in.

I don’t want to just focus on how hard this time at home has been for me and my family. It’s been hard on everyone. I do want to focus on some good and positive things.

We’ve spent a lot of time reading, dancing and playing games as a family.

We’ve driven to friends’ houses to participate in “car parades” to celebrate birthdays and retirements. It’s been a lot of fun making signs and decorating my vehicle.

We’ve done yoga together to stretch our bodies and try to stay healthy together. We put up our pool earlier than normal in hopes it will warm up faster, so we can make lots of memories this summer. My girls need peer interaction and hopefully soon.

I personally am looking forward to a little slower summer without all the running and soaking in as much fun with my kids while they are home and still somewhat small.

My heart goes out to the senior class and their families. This isn’t what you envisioned, but I promise there will be so many more incredible things in your life.

You’re amazing and have been wonderful role models for my children, thank you for that. I am looking forward to hearing about all the awesome things you accomplish as you move forward onto the next stage. Congratulations graduates. I hope you celebrate this major accomplishment the best way you can.

Here is to the Class of 2020.