As many know, cancer doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care how much one’s family or their farm depends on them.

For generations, Farmers Union has lent a hand to various causes through legislation, education and philanthropy.

Now it’s the company's turn to take on breast cancer.

In collaboration with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Farmers Union is excited to announce its spreading awareness campaign. 

Farmers Union will be proudly displaying a pink manure spreader at various local events and state conventions, along with some of its top Artex dealerships around the midwest.

Stay tuned on its Facebook and Instagram pages to follow along on its breast cancer awareness journey as it works with the breast cancer foundation to inspire hope for those who are facing breast cancer.

“We are excited to shed light on the hard work, dedication and generosity of the state farmers unions in their communities while simultaneously raising awareness for a disease that affects so many American families,” said FUI’s CEO, Dan Hildebrandt, in regard to the project.

The spreader will be on the road through July 2021 at which point it will be sold and proceeds will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.