50 years ago

May 1970

• A local “Gifts of Life” program was set up by local organizers to sign up people willing to donate their organs after their deaths.

• American Automobile Association local director member D.W. Gold told of a new technique available to law enforcement, of having suspect drivers blow into a treated bag to see if their blood alcohol level was over .08.

• A preliminary look at the 1970 census results suggested Redwood County would have the lowest population since 1910, a decline of slightly more than 9 percent from the 1960 census.

• Because of problems with the pumps at the town’s wells, Redwood Falls residents were told not to water their lawns until new pumps could be installed. However, the city council was reassured the public swimming pool could still be filled in time for the opening weekend.

• A former Milroy man was charged in Redwood County court for changing his address at least four times without bothering to tell his parole officer about the address changes. The man claimed he had forgotten.

• A stoplight was installed in downtown Redwood Falls, at the intersection of Washington and Second streets.

• Wabasso and Vesta voters approved by a huge margin a referendum to consolidate the towns’ school districts.

25 years ago

May 1995

• Redwood Falls and Morton voters approved by a huge margin a referendum to consolidate the towns’ school districts.

• One side effect of the consolidation was that Morton school bus driver Melvin Smith could finally retire after traveling about 75 miles a day, nearly every school day, for the previous 48 years. He estimated he had driven more than 1 million miles during his tenure.

• Vicki Phillips started her first day on the job as the city’s new recreation coordinator.

• As part of the American Heart Association’s “Cardiac Arrest” fundraiser, area residents were taken to the Redwood County courthouse on various silly charges and made to pay “bail” to be released.

• German college student Christian Scharch stopped in Redwood Falls as part of his 10,500 mile hitchhiking tour of the United States before starting engineering school in the autumn.

10 years ago

May 2010

• Taylor LaVoy, Tim Gjermundson, and Tom Pingel were the first graduating seniors to spend their whole 13 years in school – from Kindergarten to senior high – at the ECHO Charter School.

• Scott Larson and Robin Stegner were named the grand marshals of the annual Redwood Falls community parade.