50 years ago

May 1970

• After a week of Vietnam protest violence at Southwest State College, the editor of the Marshall newspaper mentioned to the Gazette’s editor that Redwood Falls was lucky not to have gotten the college a few years earlier.

• The Redwood Falls Rotary and Lions clubs competed in a mini-tractor rodeo to raise $5,000 toward buying an intensive coronary unit for the Redwood Falls hospital.

• More than 500 area first, second and third graders participated in planting 10,000 trees at the new Plum Creek Park near Walnut Grove, in what organizers called, “the biggest green thumb operation in Redwood County history.”

• Redwood Falls High School seniors Nancy Oberg and Mary Weltsch painted a psychedelic mural, “Time Controls the Universe” on the wall of the counselors’ office where the clock was hung.

• A RFHS science class did a pollution study of Lake Redwood, which had been ruled unfit for swimming in 20 years earlier, prompting the building of the city public swimming pool.

• The Jaycees held its annual Operation Sandbox drive, filling area backyard sandboxes with fresh sand for a slight fee.

• The new tennis courts next to the Memorial Field football stadium were put to their first use when RFHS hosted the Southwest conference boys tennis meet.

• Tersteeg’s grocery store introduced a new method for keeping inventory and ordering: a coffee-table sized electronic gizmo on wheels that used a scanning gun to read items on the shelves, record info on paper tape and place orders for new supplies over a dedicated telephone.

25 years ago

May 1995

• The county board approved a quote from Avon Construction to repair the leaky windows in the 1970 courthouse addition.

• Two Redwood Falls World War II veterans remembered where they were when victory was declared in Europe 50 years earlier: Rowena Ceplecha was a nurse stationed in the South Pacific, while Bob Whittet was on his way to reassignment in California after two and a half years fighting in Italy and North Africa.

• The Jaycees held their annual Operation Sandbox drive, filling area backyard sandboxes with fresh sand for a slight fee.

10 years ago

May 2010

• Olivia Nel Corbishley, who was a South African foreign exchange student in RVHS from 1994-95, brought her mum to visit Redwood Falls.

• The Redwood Valley High School FFA chapter won the state ag mechanics contest.

• The personalized bricks at the Ramsey Park zoo were installed for the river walk renovation.