Becky Kuglin will admit earlier this year she was more than a little bit anxious about the upcoming growing season. How would the coronavirus impact her small-town business?

The good news is that greenhouses like Blossom Town in Redwood Falls were deemed essential. So the doors of the greenhouse opened April 24.

According to Kuglin, the plants for the greenhouse were started long before any threat of COVID-19 had been heard, some of them as early as January.

“You can’t stop the plants from growing,” Kuglin explained.

As the opening day came near, Kuglin recognized the fact that many of Blossom Town’s customers were eager to be outside and to get busy in their gardens.

“Everyone is so happy to be out, and shopping for plants is a bonus,” added Kuglin. 

Blossom Town offers a full selection of garden vegetables, annual flowers, perennials, herbs, grasses, seed packets, hanging baskets, pre-made containers, glazed pottery, bird baths and solar items.

According to Kuglin, “you’ll always find some interesting ‘garden art’ at Blossom Town.”

There have been a few changes implemented in the greenhouse, added Kuglin.

The greenhouse has been rearranged to promote defined in and out traffic flow. The center benches were removed and replaced with smaller displays to allow the green house to be more spacious, and Kuglin added, everyone has been very respectful of the new COVID-19 policies.

Blossom Town is offering a new option for customers this year. A greenhouse inventory is available on its Web site.

According to Kuglin, customers can make their selections, add them to the online cart and they will be delivered or ready for curbside pick-up.

“We have filled several orders already, and it is working great,” added Kuglin. “It allows us to offer zero contact, and it’s a wonderful convenience to our customers.”

Coming up with new things to offer customers is something the staff at Blossom Town enjoys. Among the new things one can find is what Kuglin calls a “Salad Bowl.” This option includes plants one would normally find in a salad, including mixed greens, radishes, etc. which are actually planted in a salad bowl.

“How fun is that?” she added.

According to Kuglin, people who stop by the greenhouse will find great ideas for Mother’s Day gifts, and since the retail shop is closed most items have been moved into the greenhouse.

“Memorial Day will be here soon too,” added Kuglin. “We offer a variety of options to honor the deceased – outdoor planters of all sizes, urns with silk flowers, fresh cut flowers and iron planter stands. Providing delivery to cemeteries is a service we feel honored to do – in the days prior to Memorial Day we cover a large area – several are local, but we go as far as Sanborn, Lucan, Franklin, Echo and Olivia. Please contact us if you are interested in this service to cemeteries.”

Kuglin recommends first-time gardeners start small and build on their garden.

During “normal” years Blossom Town hosts several grade school classes, and adult groups are also invited, which gives it the opportunity to introduce new varieties for the current year along with sharing fun tips.

“Since this year is far from normal, we plan to do videos and post them on social media,” Kuglin explained. “We take pride in our displays – inspiring people and educating them on fun facts of successful gardening. You will find these when you visit our greenhouse.”

The experienced team members at Blossom Town are available to give advice to visitors. This may be challenging while practicing social distancing.

Kuglin added it will be helpful if people are prepared with general information – such as how much sun and what elements the area they are planting is subjected to (such as wind).

The greenhouse hours are Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 6 p.m., Saturday from 8:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.

For more information, call (507) 637-2943 or visit its Web site at

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