50 years ago

April 1970

• The Edgar Cole family of Redwood Falls set 16 big bags of leaves out in the alley behind their house to be picked up, then left to run errands. When they returned, they discovered thieves had stolen six bags of leaves.

• The Northwestern Bell office in Redwood Falls announced that, with the new equipment being installed, area residents would be able to call out-of-town directly, without needing an operator’s assistance, by early 1971.

• Parking tickets in Redwood Falls cost drivers 50 cents per violation, and the city council suggested to the police department that it was way past time to start cracking down on bad parkers when it was noted one parking violator in town had over $100 dollars in unpaid fines.

• The Redwood Falls Fire Department wasn’t able to put out a small fire at Redwood Auto Wrecking, because the junkyard dog wouldn’t allow them into the fenced premises. The fire apparently burned itself out after awhile.

• Redwood Falls firefighter Pat Byram spent the night in the hospital with suspected lung damage after he closed a broken valve from a leaking anhydrous ammonia tank. He was wearing a mask at the time, and was eventually released from the hospital in good condition.

25 years ago

April 1995

• A proposed Minnesota Senate crime bill to close the juvenile detention centers in Sauk Center and Red Wing would have had the side effect of causing the Redwood County probation office another $100,000 per year in transporting and lodging Red-wood County felony-level repeat offending juveniles closer to home, at county expense.

• With the Redwood Area Hospital and Affiliated Medical Center (AMC) discussing the possibility of moving the clinic into the hospital building, AMC managers approached the Redwood Falls city council to see if the city would be interested in purchasing the AMC facility on the southern edge of town. The city council wasn’t.

• The Redwood County Historical Society unveiled the newly remodeled county museum, put together with hundreds of hours of help from a Sentenced to Serve crew.

10 years ago

April 2010

• The new $45,000 indoor playground was being installed at the Redwood Area Community Center fieldhouse.

• Mike Zimmer of the Lower Sioux Indian Community earned a TKO victory over Jared Averbeck during Jackpot Junction’s first King of the Cage fight night.

• The Friends of Gilfillan held a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open the new Tauer Pavilion.