In March 2019, an opportunity arose that those who are involved with the Irish Yard baseball field near Milroy could not pass up, and so it acquired a digital video board that it planned to install at the field.

According to Anthony Dolan, a member of the Milroy Irish baseball team and of its board of directors, once the video board was acquired the work of finding the funds to set it up and make it operational began.

The next step happened April 17 when the video board was lifted into its place along the fence in right field.

It was Dolan, who also works for Daktronics, who was able to secure the used board from a customer that was making an upgrade. The board, added Dolan, is still in very good shape.

No, Dolan explained, the baseball field does not need a video board, but it does meet the vision of those who have been working to make improvements to the site since the first shovel of dirt was turned.

For those involved, this is about enhancing the experience for the players, fans and the community. The TMB Sports Club, the non-profit which operates the field, wants to “create a player and fan experience like no other.”

The options for the video board are myriad and could include everything from displaying player profiles, stats, video animations and fan interaction to family movie nights and Vikings watch parties.

As with anything at Irish Yard, those who are involved want the field to be the best in every aspect to really set the field apart. According to Dolan, another unique aspect of the board is the opportunity to provide advertising for businesses that want to partner with the Irish. Advertisers will have their logo surround the video board and have content played on the unit itself. If interested, reach out on Facebook at “The Irish Yard.”

There are a few items to get in place, such as a new Daktronics control system, getting primary electrical connected to it and getting a system health test preformed by Daktronics. The expectation is to have those items completed soon with a possible “go live date” of May 4.

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