The COVID-19 global pandemic is happening in a world that is more interconnected than ever.

In an effort to document this historic time and to help people make connections, the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) is asking Minnesotans to share their experiences about how COVID-19 is impacting their lives and how they are responding.

“COVID-19 is affecting every Minnesotan. Each of us has a personal story to share. One hundred years from now, people will want to know how we responded to this crisis,” said Kent Whitworth, CEO and director of MNHS. “This is a chance to write part of our state’s history and help inform future generations about how Minnesotans persevered in the face of great challenges.”

Everyone is invited to contribute experiences and share images and videos at MNHS will share submissions through a new “History is Now” blog, which will be updated weekly and on MNHS social media channels.

In addition, MNHS will add a selection of submissions to the collections to be preserved for future generations. Through this collections effort, the day-to-day experiences, stories, artifacts and recollections will become the primary sources for future generations.

MNHS is also making resources available today for people to better understand the world around them. These resources include the “Northern Lights Interactive” eBook, which is free for everyone through the end of the school year.

- Image courtesy of the Internet Public Domain