The United Community Action Partnership (UCAP) offers a variety of services to the community, and one of those available for the public is its transit program.

Yes, said Shelly Pflaum, UCAP mobility administrator, the transit program is still being offered.

Those who are in need of essential transportation services are encouraged to contact UCAP to schedule a ride. That, explained Pflaum, could be anything from going to get a few groceries to those who may have a medical appointment. 

Pflaum said rides are available Monday through Friday during the same hours. The difference is that people must call and schedule a ride or set one up online.

Yes, added Pflaum, ridership has been on the decline in recent weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but UCAP is committed to continuing to offer its services because it knows the need exists.

Pflaum also said the UCAP transit program is also willing to help those in need by picking up food, adding it is working in conjunction with the local food shelf to help people who may not be able to leave their home but are in need.

There are a few changes that have taken place related to the transit program because of recent circumstances. For example, all of its drivers have been provided masks they are wearing when they are providing rides. Riders are also encouraged to wear masks as well.

Efforts have also been made to limit as much contact as is possible, which means fewer people are being allowed on the bus at one time, and measures have been put in place to ensure social distancing between riders and drivers.

The UCAP drivers are spending a lot more time working to ensure their buses are clean, and Pflaum said when it is possible they are being cleaned even between riders.

The priority is to keep drivers and riders safe but also to ensure those who need riders are able to get them. Rides are available throughout Redwood County, said Pflaum, adding anyone who needs a ride can get one.

To set up a ride from UCAP, call the Marshall office, which also serves Redwood County, at (507) 537-7628.

To learn more about the transit program, visit the UCAP Web site at

- Image courtesy of the UCAP Web site