Even in these surreal times people still become victims of crime, and they still need support and services.

The week of April 19-25, 2020 is National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.

The Redwood County Attorney’s Office Crime Victim Services Program (CVSP) joins in the effort to raise awareness about crime victims’ issues and rights and introduce the community to the important resources and services available.

In addition the local program celebrates the many advances in crime victim support in this nation.

This year’s theme – “Seek Justice | Ensure Victims’ Rights | Inspire Hope” – recognizes the individuals and groups whose advocacy has propelled the victims’ rights movement forward for the past half century, inspiring in victims and their loved ones a feeling of hope for progress, justice and healing. 

According to Denise Kerkhoff, crime victim services coordinator, during this time we recognize people’s continued need for support and services, recovery and hope for the future.

Though COVID-19 restrictions have brought about unique challenges the Redwood County CVSCP and the community advocacy agencies WoMen’s Rural Advocacy Program (WRAP), Minnesota Indigenous Women’s Society (MIWS) and New Horizons Crisis Center (NHCC) continue to serve victims of crime.

Kerkhoff is available via phone from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. weekdays and the community advocacy agencies all operate 24-hour crisis lines.

For information on Crime Victims’ Rights and resources, visit the Redwood County Web site at redwoodcounty-mn.us. For additional information contact Kerkhoff via e-mail at Denise_k@co.redwood.mn.us or call (507) 637-4010.

- Image courtesy of the Office of Justice Programs Web site