Victoria Jorgenson, a sophomore at Redwood Valley High School in Redwood Falls, is gaining a reputation as an author.

After publishing her first book a couple of years ago to the acclaim of friends, family and even a few strangers, Jorgenson has not rested on the success of her first work.

Jorgenson has written and published a second.

Jorgenson’s first book was written in a unique novel style.

Her second is completely different.

“I wrote it in poetic format,” explained Jorgenson. “I was really in to poetry at the time I wrote it. I wanted to give writing that way a try, and I really liked it.”

The story, added Jorgenson, is about a boy who has lived his entire life in a hospital who then gets to leave the hospital for the first time entering into a whole new world. 

The book, “extraordinary” is based on a painting Jorgenson said she saw of a little boy in a fish tank who had some kind of medical condition. From there, Jorgenson’s imagination took over, and, 300 pages later, “extraordinary” came to life.

Jorgenson said people have said good things about her second book, adding a number of copies of it have already been sold. The book is available online at Amazon for $10.

Jorgenson said she had a few copies but those are all gone.

“We are ordering some more,” she added.

Jorgenson said she figures it took her the equivalent of a week to finish writing the book, although she said it did not happen all at one time.

Having had one book published in the past, Jorgenson said she felt a lot more confident during that process with her second book.

“There were so many unknowns when I published my first book,” said Jorgenson.

Jorgenson has self-published both of her books, and there is a bit of a cost that goes along with that.

The response from those who have read her new book has been very good, she said, adding her grandmother “raved for hours” about it.

Jorgenson said as people hear about her new book they express lots of interest in acquiring a copy of it.

The daughter of Rick and Nicole Jorgenson said she really appreciates the feedback she has received about the book, adding she really hopes people enjoy reading it.

As a writer, Jorgenson said she has no plans of quitting after her second book. In fact, she said others are in the works.

“I have two other books I am working on right now,” she said, adding she is about 50 pages into her most recent fiction pieces.

Yes, said Jorgenson, she enjoys writing fiction, because it allows her to be more creative.

Where writing takes Jorgenson in the future is still up in the air, but for now she is having a lot of fun doing it.

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