Minnesota college graduates carry the ninth highest average student loan debt nationwide, at $32,317 per student.

For student loan borrowers, including those who have lost jobs or had work hours reduced recently, Lutheran Social Services (LSS) financial counseling can help.

The long-time, non-profit financial counseling provider received a new grant from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education to expand repayment counseling for students who are worried about repaying their student loans.

“This new grant is timely and much-needed,” said Becky Pakarinen, senior director of LSS financial counseling. “We want to give student borrowers the very best advice we can for repaying their loans and taking advantage of programs available to help ease the burden.”

“Even though many student loans payments are currently being waived due to the COVID-19 pandemic, those payments will resume sometime in the coming months,” said Dennis Olson, Minnesota Office of Higher Education commissioner. “This is a good time for borrowers to use this free service to find the best, most affordable options for managing their student debt.”

LSS financial counseling can offer support and years of experience with federal, state and private student loan debt.

There is no cost for the service.

Certified financial counselors work with student borrowers and their families to help them understand their options and create an action plan for their unique situations.

The service supports all Minnesotans in finding solutions to their challenges with loan debt.

Learn more at lssmn.org.

- Image courtesy of the Internet Public Domain