50 years ago

April 1970

• S/Sgt. Robert W. Mann of North Redwood received the Bronze Star medal for heroism in ground combat in Vietnam after his unit was “pinned down by heavy mortar and automatic weapons fire” against the North Vietnamese army. Mann “assumed command of the remainder of the company and led a full frontal assault against the enemy positions,” until the enemy troops withdrew.

• The Redwood Falls Fire Department’s tanker truck got bogged down in a field and had to be pulled out with a tractor when firefighters were called to a grass fire near the city cemetery.

• Redwood Falls barber Don Myers acknowledged he was taking classes at Marshall to learn accounting in case he needed to switch professions, what with the young men in the area letting their hair grow out and not coming in for their weekly haircuts.

• Great Plains Natural Gas of Redwood Falls offered a “Gay Nineties Gas Light” you could install on a pole in your front yard if you switched to natural gas heating.

• The Redwood County Commissioners passed a resolution condemning the “Minnesota Regional Development Act of 1969,” which was a little-publicized act passed by the state legislature the previous year that would allow the state to take over and reorganize many county and city government functions without the counties and cities having any say in the matter.

• The Redwood County DFL convention passed a resolution against any candidate’s running for election after his 65th birthday.

• The Audacia Study Club sponsored a dessert bridge benefit to raise funds for a new intensive coronary care unit for the Redwood Falls Hospital.

• In an essay about what teachers do, a Delhi elementary school student wrote, “MY TEACHER says I’m a magician because I can add and subtract in the same problem (45 minus 23 equals 68).”

25 years ago

April 1995

• Brad Gillingham, five-time state champ, demonstrated how to bench press 500 pounds during a strength training seminar sponsored by the Redwood Valley Booster Club.

• Reede Gray Elementary School first grader Ana Johnson won first place in the national Art of Caring poster contest, sponsored by the Fredrick Douglas Museum in Washington, D.C.

10 years ago

April 2010

• Redwood County Public Health offered free H1N1 flu vaccinations for area residents.

• The Redwood County Government Center held its ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open.