The Redwood Falls Traveler’s Club has been holding the annual Easter egg hunt in the community for decades.

As far as anyone remembers, nothing has ever kept the event from being held.

So the decision to cancel the event this year was one that was not taken lightly.

“As the news about the coronavirus became more serious, we felt it had to be cancelled,” said Dennis Moore, a member of the Traveler’s Club who helps to coordinate the annual event. “This is a very unfortunate situation for everyone involved.”

Moore recalled the days when the annual Easter egg hunt was still being held outside at Memorial field. Even the snow and cold did not keep the event from happening. Parents just bundled up their kids a little more.

The beauty of moving the event indoors at the RACC meant winter weather would not be a reason to cancel.

Having the event is a highlight of the year for many people in the community, Moore said, adding that local businesses are very supportive of it.

In fact, he added, if those who typically help were not called they would often make the contact themselves simply because of what the event means to them. 

The Easter egg hunt has been a proud tradition in the community, said Moore, recalling the days when volunteers would boil eggs in the high school, adding the change to plastic eggs made the job easier.

Moore expressed his thanks to everyone who has been involved in the past and those who were already working on this year’s event.

The organizers of the event have every intention of holding the Easter egg hunt next year.

The Traveler’s Club members look forward to reconnecting with the community when the hunt is held in 2021.