The State of Minnesota has announced it is asking President Donald Trump for a major disaster declaration in order to help pave the way for federal crisis assistance funding.

Governor Tim Walz sent a letter to President Donald Trump April 5 requesting a major disaster declaration to authorize emergency protective measures, including direct federal assistance, to combat COVID-19.

The funding would help mitigate the pandemic’s impact on public health, state resources, unemployment and community infrastructure such as health care facilities.

“The State of Minnesota responded quickly to this public health disaster and continues to do so to the fullest extent possible,” Walz wrote in the letter.

He added that without federal assistance, “the state’s ability to respond to and recover from this event will be severely impacted.”

Under a disaster declaration, reimbursable activities typically include activation of an emergency operations center, National Guard costs, law enforcement, mental health support and other measures necessary to protect public health and safety.

State agencies and volunteer organizations continue working through the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) to keep Minnesotans safe and coordinate efforts to provide essential services and information during the COVID-19 pandemic.

- Image courtesy of the Internet Public Domain