I am a cougher.

I had a grandfather who coughed a lot, and I am apparently the next generation of the clan who got that gene.

So, when I get a cold it typically sticks around for a while.

You may recall a few weeks back I wrote about being sick. Well, I am still feeling the impact of that illness today.

The cough I have is not a dry one.

In fact, there is a technical term for the stuff I cough up, but I prefer to use the more colorful description for it – lung butter.

So, the other day I was walking through a store with my best half, and then I coughed. Then, just for a moment, I panicked.

How would people react in the days of COVID-19 to a guy in public who, by the looks of him, is obviously not taking care of himself?

I had read about someone getting stabbed in the aisle of a store over an item two people wanted, and so I stopped just to see who was watching.

Apparently, people were so used to hearing others making that same noise or they were far too preoccupied to notice, because no one even gave me a second glance.

So, I went about my business knowing full well that I would probably do it a few more times before checking out.

Have you ever tried not to cough?

It only makes things worse. The more you think about not doing it, the more that sense that you have to do it rises.

Then, when you just can’t hold it anymore, for me that is about 12 seconds, the cough which is expelled is far more dramatic than if you had just not tried to hide it.

There has been some speculation that the coughs and cold that hit our area earlier this year in the January and February time frame and felt a lot like influenza may have actually been coronavirus. I am no expert, so I won’t say anything more than that on the subject.

I will also continue to take all of the health department’s recommendations about washing my hands and coughing into my arm.

Of course, when the expulsion happens as many times as it does for me, I then have to deal with the pain of constant neck movement.

Just so you know, I nearly made it through writing this before I had to cough, but a trio of coughs could not be stopped. Those coughs are now a permanent part of my sleeve.

I know this whole COVID-19 thing is no laughing matter. I actually will admit I have been pretty anxious about it. I know it is coming to our area, if it is not here already, so we all must be vigilant and practice social distancing.

That’s fine by me.