Effective as of March 19, 2020, all Redwood County Offices are closed to the public.

Exceptions will be made for Redwood County citizen/client transactions that require an in-person visit and cannot be postponed; these exceptions will require an appointment.

The intent of this measure is to implement prevention and protection measures in response to the expanding COVID-19 pandemic.

Employees will continue to be available to help the public via e-mail and phone.

A listing of department contacts can be found on the County’s Web site at redwoodcounty-mn.us.

If you have documents or payments to drop off for a county office, please place them in the drop box located on the north side of the county government center building facing 4th street (across the street from Bremer Bank) in Redwood Falls.

Send mailings to: 403 South Mill Street, Redwood Falls, MN, 56283.

Court operations will remain open for high priority cases only. Access to courthouse will be limited to the east entrance, and individuals will need to call the court administration office at (507) 637-4018 to enter the building.