What follows is a letter from Rick Ellingworth, Redwood Area School District superintendent, related to the provision of school breakfast and lunch during the March 18-27 shutdown:

The COVID-19 School Closure has left families concerned about the availability of a variety of resources during the school shutdown. To address this concern, Redwood Area School District (RASD) will be preparing and delivering school meals to a variety of “delivery sites” daily (Monday through Friday).

RASD will provide a breakfast/lunch program during the time of the school shutdown (Wednesday, March 18-Friday March 27). The breakfast and lunch will be delivered together, in one box or bag, according to the schedule and to locations shown below.

The program will work as follows:

A lunch for the day and a breakfast for the next morning will be provided together in each box/bag lunch. All meals will be prepared at the RV High School daily.

Beginning Wednesday, March 18, 2020, the meals will be delivered by Thielen School Buses to the sites identified below. There will be NO COST for the meals for ANY students.

The Thielen delivery bus will be available at each site from 11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. daily (Not on Saturday or Sunday).

Meals will be disbursed out of the Thielen School Buses to students or families who should pick them up at the designated sites. There will be no meals consumed inside the buildings at the pick up sites. The idea is the meals are boxed and made to go.

The designated sites are:

• Morton City Hall in Morton

• Belview Community Center in Belview

• Lower Sioux Government Center parking lot

• Johnson Park Place (Now known as Eagles Healing Nest) parking lot in Redwood Falls

• Westfalls Apartments entrance in Redwood Falls

• Gloria Dei Lutheran Church parking lot in Redwood Falls

• Redwood Public Library parking lot in Redwood Falls

• Duffy's Parking Lot in North Redwood.

• Redwood Falls Fire Station in Redwood Falls

• Redwood Valley MS/HS – Pick up in parking lot at Orrin Estebo Tech Center Entrance

• Reede Gray Elementary School – pick meals up at Early Childhood Entrance at Reede Gray

Delivery of meals—If for some reason you are unable to pick the meals up at one of the delivery sites, please contact Thielen Bus Lines at 507-637-3600 immediately to make arrangements to have the meals delivered to a specific address.

You will need to provide the following information when you call:

I need the meals delivered to my home. (ONLY DONE IF ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY).

Provide the address you want the meals delivered to : _____________________________________

This food service plan is in place from Wednesday, March 18 through Friday March 27. The RASD will notify you if plans are to be extended beyond March 27.

Learn more about the shutdown at www.redwoodareaschools.com.

- Image courtesy of the USDA Web site