After reflecting on the March 3, 2020 presidential nomination primary held in Minnesota, Steve Simon, Minnesota Secretary of State called it a “success.”

While the results were still considered unofficial as of March 6, the Secretary of State’s office is reporting more than 885,000 voters took part. That reflects more than 21 percent of the state’s registered voters (3.36 million).

“I likened this primary to ‘jumping off the dock into the lake together,’” said Simon. “We took the plunge with our partners at the cities and counties, as well as the voters of Minnesota. We hadn’t held a binding primary like this since 1956, and so there was no real way to predict how voters would turn out.”

In Redwood County, there were 1,161 voters who cast ballots this past Tuesday, with 8,585 voters registered.

That means 13.5 percent of the county’s voters turned up. The majority of the Redwood County DFL voters selected Joe Biden. 

In Redwood County, Biden received 344 votes, with Bernie Sanders receiving 163 votes. Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren each received 55 votes, and Amy Klobuchar got 36 votes. Donald Trump received 474 votes.

In Renville County, Biden also received the majority of the votes with 370. Sanders received 156 votes, Bloomberg received 104 votes, Warren received 52 votes and Klobuchar got 51 votes. Donald Trump received 396 votes in Renville County.

According to Simon, the purpose of the presidential primary election was to swing the doors wide open to more participation, and he added March 3 the state saw that. The 885,000 votes represented a 177 percent increase over the participation rate of those who took part in the 2016 precinct caucuses.

“Minnesotans have shown that they’re confident in our election system and eager to participate in the selection of the most powerful office in the nation,” said Simon.

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