Robin Stegner of Redwood Falls has traveled to varied locations and for different reasons.

Why she does what she does on her trips is often based on her company.

When she travels with her husband, Scott Larson, their visits often include historical venues, like museums.

“There are so many different ways and reasons to travel,” said Stegner, who talked about a recent trip she took with her friend, Linda, to England. Stegner talked about her trip as part of the travel series at the Redwood Falls PublicLibrary.

Stegner said she has made several trips with her friend, and what makes them unique is that there is much less planning that goes into what they will do.

This past fall, Stegner and her friend traveled to the British Isles with a couple of ideas in mind.

However, the primary focus of their visit was to see as many of the pubs of England as they could. Those pubs that were on the list were based in a new travel concept known as literary tourism.

Stegner said she has read all of Martha Grimes’ novels (with the exception of the one that just came out), and in each of those novels an English pub is featured or mentioned.

Stegner said as a reader her main interest is murder mysteries and stupid criminals. She added not that many people are familiar with Martha Grimes, but she is a big fan.

Stegner said she wanted to do some research before making the trip, and she discovered a map online that outlined the locations of the pubs that were scattered throughout the country.

Stegner said they went in with an open mind, adding they would give their pub tour a try. If they liked it they would keep going. If not, there are plenty of other things to see in England. 

Stegner said the two of them visited pubs with interesting names, such as The Dirty Duck and The Lamorna Wink. Several of the pubs have tremendous history, added Stegner, who said many of them were started in the 1600s and 1700s. She added it is all about the atmosphere.

“Going to the pub is not about drinking a lot,” Stegner said, adding it is about getting together with others and being part of the pub culture.

No, said Stegner, the trip was not solely about visiting pubs, as the two also visited a national park in the north, as well as a church where the Bronte family is buried. They also made stops to see Stonehenge and visited the place where Agatha Christie spent her summers.

Due to the fact that they were doing a literary tour of stories with criminal themes, there was also a stop at Scotland Yard.

Stegner and her friend also visited the southernmost portion of England known as Land’s End. There are so many picturesque scenes the two of them were able to enjoy, and they also had the opportunity to visit with people about things that were happening in England.

Visiting some of the pubs in London was like an adult scavenger hunt, said Stegner, adding they traveled throughout the city by “tube,” bus and taxi. They also did their share of walking in London.

Taking this type of trip for the first time was a lot of fun, said Stegner, and she encouraged others to read a book, find the setting and then pay a visit.