50 years ago

February 1970

• Bradley Mace, 19, of Belview, was the latest Redwood County soldier to die in Vietnam.

• Redwood County registrar Norman Romnes announced his intention to resign effective July 1 if the state’s plan to make counties responsible for auto licensing went into effect.

• Wabasso area farmer Arnold Kramer, 87, displayed 20 of his nostalgic rural-life paintings in the lobby of the Redwood Falls Hospital.

• After Wabasso High School won a basketball sub-district championship trophy, no one could remember if that was the first or second time it had received one. The team won a previous sub-district championship in 1945, but if the school ever received a trophy for it, it had apparently been lost or stolen.

• The Redwood County Highway Department reported about $4,000 was spent every year replacing damaged or stolen signs. The county also reported 24 road flares set up to warn motorists to beware of flooded highways or bridges had been stolen.

25 years ago

February 1995

• A sign of changing medical technology: a Redwood Falls Hospital report said the acute care nursing staff had been reduced by two-thirds over the previous 10 years due to increased outpatient services.

• The city and the school district bumped heads when the city requested an easement under part of the Reede Gray Elementary School parking lot for future underground infrastructure in the same area the school was considering adding on for a Head Start early childhood development center.

• Curt Sander of Belview donated a kidney to his mother, LaVonne.

• MnDOT was informed that if it wanted to rebuild Highways 19/71 between Redwood Falls and Morton, and replace four 1920s-era bridges over the Minnesota River, it would need to create 24.44 acres of new wetland areas to compensate.

10 years ago

February 2010

• The Redwood Falls city council debated plans to rebuild the 1,000-foot long sandbag dike around North Redwood in anticipation of spring flooding.

• Redwood area artist and Vietnam veteran Gerry Patten displayed several of his paintings in the lobby of the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis.