50 years ago

February 1970

• Officials from eight area school districts met to discuss the possibility of building a new cooperative vocational center based at the Redwood Falls High School, designed for students who didn’t intend to go to college.

• The fire department’s new ambulance featured an outlet for an incubator, more head room, air conditioning in the front and back and a radio speaker in the patient area.

• Regularly scheduled tests for tuberculosis were set for the Echo High School.

• While speaking at the Methodist Church about the dangers of drugs, Marshall Police Chief Chet Wiener stated there were seven known narcotics users among Southwest State College’s 2,600 students.

• The Redwood Falls Odd Fellows Lodge opened the “Over 60 Pastime Center” at 232 South Mill Street as a place for senior citizens to play cards and shuffleboard, or just hang-out to drink coffee with friends.

• Pamela Buckley, 18, was named the Redwood Falls Sno-Queen for 1970, while Mary Hopfenspirger, 18, was named Miss Redwood Falls.

25 years ago

February 1995

• The word “Internet” appeared in the Redwood Gazette for, as far as we can tell, the first time. In an article about new developments at the Redwood County Extension Service, Wayne Hansen explained how his department had added a new system developed by the University of Minnesota called “Internet Gopher,” an early search engine similar to Google, which made its debut three years later.

• The city council approved allowing a section of Plum Street to be closed and turned into an expanded parking lot for Gloria Dei Lutheran Church.

• The Redwood Falls city government struggled to cut local projects when the state’s promised local government aid to the community was unexpectedly cut by the governor halfway through the budgetary year.

10 years ago

February 2010

• Nelson-Martin Funeral Service introduced recording funerals directly to the Internet, so family and friends around the world who couldn’t make it to the real-life service could watch on their computers.

• The city’s old 1929 hydroelectric turbine was still generating up to 350 kilowatts of electricity into the grid, but it was on its last days. For some reason, finding parts for a hydroelectric generator installed in 1929 was getting more difficult.

• The planned new overlook area across from Ramsey Falls, intended to replace the 1976-era overlook, hit a snag when the state only gave half the promised grant money to rebuild the area.