Kimberly Anita Robinson, 57, of Lamberton pleaded guilty Feb. 3 in Redwood County District Court to one count of animal mistreatment. She was sentenced by Judge Michelle A. Dietrich to serve 30 days in jail with 30 days stayed and up to one year of probation, on conditions she not own any animals, with the exception of one companion animal if that is recommended by a licensed psychologist or other mental health provider.

Robinson must also maintain her mental health appointments and is required to allow law enforcement to inspect her house to verify compliance with conditions. Under the misdemeanor conviction, Robinson must also pay a fine of $185.

The case stems from an incident that took place this past June. The defendant was taken by the Springfield Ambulance Service to the Springfield hospital June 10, 2019 and was placed on a 72-hour hold.

A peace officer recognized the defendant as one who had animals. The report states the officer contacted the defendant to offer options regarding the care of the animals.

In response, the defendant allegedly stated no one was allowed in her home and that the animals would “just have to starve.”

A warrant for the residence was obtained, and the officer, with assistance from the Redwood Area Animal Shelter and the humane society executed the warrant June 11.

During that search a total of 26 dogs, six chickens and three cats were seized, with one cat not caught. The report states the officer observed the animals were living in cages, with many living in the same cage creating a space issue for some of them.

The officer also observed urine soaked blankets and piles of feces, with additional observation of an odor that was described as strong and almost unbearable.

The report further states many of the animals were without water and food.

The animals were taken from the Lamberton residence, and it was determined some were untreatable.