The 27th Annual American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Redwood County will be meeting this coming Monday (Feb. 17) at 5:30 p.m. at Thrivent in Redwood Falls located on Bridge Street.

Many volunteers are needed. The public is invited to come and find out what Relay For Life is all about and how they could help with this event.

One does not have to be on a team to get involved. Members on teams commit themselves to raising at least $100 for the fight against cancer. There are several ways to join the fight against cancer.

One can join a team or sign up as an individual. One may buy luminaria for $10 each in memory of someone who has died of cancer or in honor of a cancer survivor.

A way for businesses or organizations to help the fight against cancer is to donate $50 or more and become a sponsor. There are different levels of sponsorships.

For $50 or more a cancer fact sign will be made and include the logo or name of the party that paid the amount put on that fact sign. Those signs, each with a fact about cancer, will be put up by the track for people to read.

By donating $500 or more the sponsors names will also be put on the back of the t-shirt Relay for Life members get if they raise $100 or more.

By donating $1,000 or more the logo of the business or organization will also be put on the T-shirt. The deadline for sponsors donating $500 or more to get their name of the T-shirts is May 17, 2020.

Giving of your time the day and night of the event is also a way to fight cancer.