50 years ago

February 1970

• When the Southern Minnesota Beekeepers Association asked to reserve the lower shelter house in Ramsey Park for a meeting, the Redwood Falls City Council told them they were free to take all the bees from the park home with them that they wanted.

• Olivia area farmer Ed Lenz won the annual Revier Firestone hog weight contest by correctly guessing the displayed hog’s weight to the ounce: 218 pounds, four ounces. The second place winner, Redwood Falls High School student (and FFA member) John Curtis, was only two ounces off.

• The city council planned to switch from paying public swimming pool employees salaries instead of on an hourly basis. With the new water heaters in the pool, the expectation was the pool would be able to be open a lot more days compared to previous years.

25 years ago

February 1995

• Redwood County Engineer Pete Boomgarten told the county board his department would need an additional $16,000 to pay for state-mandated computer upgrades that weren’t being funded by the state.

• In related news, Redwood County Engineer Pete Boomgarten was appointed by former mayor Gary Revier to testify at a state panel about how unfunded state mandates wreak havoc on annual rural budgets.

• A Gazette article explained to readers about how local businesses and organizations were getting ready to join the upcoming “information superhighway.” (The word “Internet” hadn’t been invented quite yet.)

• The Redwood Falls Hockey Association sponsored a skate-a-thon at the outdoor hockey rink to dedicate a new scoreboard in memory of player Chris Ellig.

• RFHS eighth grader Emily Hassenstab won the school spelling bee by correctly spelling the words “eloquence” and “legislature.”

• Morton school students spent a week eating their school lunches with chopsticks in honor of visiting guest teacher Lu Yuxian, from Hangzhou, China.

• The Redwood Falls and Morton school boards voted to officially consolidate their school systems.

10 years ago

February 2010

• A University of Wisconsin study of Minnesota’s health care system ranked Redwood County 35th out of 85, averaging a variety of factors.

• The City of Redwood Falls learned the state was going to cut another $275,000 in promised annual aid – in addition to the $256,000 that had already been cut that year.