Each year, the Redwood County Environmental Office compiles the information related to the structures that were permitted for construction during the year.

Known as the zoning report, it also includes information related to conditional use permits, rezoning permits and permits for septic systems.

Nick Brozek, Redwood County land use and zoning supervisor, recently presented the zoning report to the county commissioners.

According to the report, there were 157 structures permitted in 2019, including 59 agricultural structures, 16 commercial structures, 19 home additions, 14 livestock structures, 12 new homes and 37 that fell into an “other” category. Brozek explained that the “other” category included everything from signs to the construction of solar gardens. 

The number of ag structures was down slightly from 66 in 2018, and the number of commercial structures was up from 11 in 2018. There was one more new home permit in 2019, as well as one more livestock structure in 2019.

In terms of overall value, Brozek said there was about $5.5 million more in the work done in 2019, but he added most of that was in the solar gardens, as well as some MET towers that were temporarily erected to measure wind for the purpose of gauging whether or not to build wind towers in certain areas of the county.

In an average year, Brozek said there are 50 septic permit requests, but he said the increased moisture issues have slowed that program.

Overall, Brozek said the trends look good related to zoning in the county. Despite what has been a challenging few years in the ag industry, it appears that there has not been a lot of change in the long-term trends.

To learn more about the zoning report, contact the Redwood County environmental office at (507) 637-4023.

- Photo courtesy of the Internet Public Domain