50 years ago

February 1970

• When Larry Cox of Redwood Falls qualified for the championship bridge tournament at the St. Paul Winter Carnival, he learned one of his opponents on Sunday’s matches would be Omar Sharif, star of the movies Lawrence of Arabia and Dr. Zhivago. However, when Sharif was unable to make the tournament, Cox lost to Benito Garrozo of Dallas, Texas, widely regarded as the best bridge player on Earth.

• During an AFS program at Redwood Falls High School, foreign exchange students from Ethiopia and Central America got into a friendly argument about which part of the world produced the best coffee beans.

• Cattle rustlers who stole 13 head of white-faced cattle in Iowa lost their cargo when their stolen truck and trailer overturned into a ditch near Lamberton. The cattle were safe, and they were returned to their owners.

• With the hiring of an additional air traffic control specialist, the Redwood Falls airport now had eight full-time federal aviation agency (FAA) employees.

• Mass was being held in the basement rectory after a fire damaged the altar at St. John’s Catholic Church in Morton.

25 years ago

February 1995

• After having to borrow the Redwood Falls Fire Department’s pumper truck for more than a year, the Morton Fire Department’s new $114,000 pumper truck was finally ready for use and delivered.

• James Kottschade was honored as the first Redwood Falls employee of North Ambulance to have volunteered for 5,000 hours of service.

• A complication in the issue of Redwood Falls and North Redwood consolidating was whether the latter would get its own seat on the city council, or would just be added to Ward 1.

• RVHS teacher Polly Bowen was inducted into the state high school gymnastics coaching hall of fame.

• RFHS student Kami Kissner won the physical fitness portion of the Minnesota Junior Miss state competition in Bloomington.

10 years ago

February 2010

• Redwood and Renville counties began discussions about the practicality of building a new jointly-owned recycling center.

• Lance Otto of Redwood Falls was one of the soybean farmers who visited Santiago, Chile to see how beans developed at the University of Minnesota were suited to Chile’s climate.

• After donating more than $121,000 to upgrade various facilities in Ramsey Park, the Friends of the Park was officially out of money.

• To encourage good heart health, residents at Garnette Gardens competed to see who could wear the most items of clothing or jewelry that was red.