If traveling to Egypt is on one’s bucket list, there are certain things that are considered “must see” when making that trek.

Pat and Butch Buschette of Renville made that trip this past November, and then shared their experiences as part of the travel series at the Redwood Falls library.

According to Pat, the couple had made plans to visit a number of years ago, but that trip had to be cancelled because of an event known as Arab Spring.

While they had to wait a few more years before getting to the African nation, both Pat and Butch said Egypt is definitely worth it.

“We picked to go in November because it was cooler,” said Butch.

He added, however, there were still some days when the temps hit 95.

Egypt, explained Butch, is also an arid part of the world, meaning it is very dry there most of the time. In fact, an average year will see a total of one half of one inch of rain.

Egypt has a population that exceeds 95 million making it the most populous country in the Arab world.

Pat said the primary religion of Egypt is Sunni Muslim, as 85-90 percent of the people claim it. There are, however, other faiths, including a strong population of what are known as Coptic Christians.

Pat said historically, it was St. Mark who brought the Christian faith to the nation. According to Pat, Coptic Christians make up the remaining 10 percent of the nation’s population. Although those who practice believe that estimate is low. 

Pat and Butch Buschette said they scheduled their trip to Egypt through a company known as Vantage Travel, and Pat said this is the ninth trip they have taken with this tour group.

As part of their stay they had the chance to board a ship and spent several days on the Nile River. Butch said there are a number of tourist ships in the Nile River consistently, adding that is an important part of the tourism industry for Egypt.

While in Egypt, Pat and Butch, who were joined by Pat’s sister, had the chance to visit the pyramids at Giza and to see the Sphinx. They added the pyramids they see today are different than when they were built, adding erosion has taken a toll on them.

In fact, what is known as the Great Pyramid has lot 25 feet of height.

The rock for those pyramids comes from Aswan, said Butch, adding they floated it down the Nile. He added, however, that there is still plenty of speculation about how the pyramids were actually erected.

“It was just amazing to see the pyramids in person,” said Pat.

Other things Pat and Butch did for fun included riding camels, taking a carriage ride, visiting the museum of ancient antiquities and just enjoying being with the people of Egypt.

Pat and Butch said the food was very good, that they always felt safe, and Butch added Pat and her sister said they would love to go back and see more of Egypt.

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