The City of Redwood Falls hosted its fifth archery deer hunt in 2019, and according to Paul Parsons, who coordinates the program, the hunt was again successful.

The city archery deer hunt coincides with the state’s archery season from Sept. 14 through Dec. 31.

At the conclusion of the hunt, a total of 16 deer had been harvested, which is the same number of deer that were taken in 2018. In 2017, there were 20 deer harvested, with 22 taken in 2015 and 2016.

Parsons said there were 30 individuals who applied for the hunt, and during several days in August they had the opportunity to pass a proficiency test.

Those who applied were required to shoot five arrows in a five-inch circle at 20 yards. Parsons said in the end there were 23 hunters who qualified for the program. Then a random drawing was held to determine which 20 would get the chance to participate in the hunt. Each of the 20 was then assigned a stand from which they would hunt.

The hunters are required to purchase their DNR archery deer tag as well as a DNR bonus tag to take part in the hunt.

The goal is to harvest 40 deer each season, added Parsons.

Parsons said a total of 592 hours and 40 minutes was spent in the stands by the hunters, adding those who hunt are also tasked with counting the deer they see.

This year the hunters reported seeing 499 deer, which Parsons said is 72 less than one year ago. Of course, he added, many of those deer being counted are being observed more than one time.

The deer hunt committee will now meet to assess the program and determine if another hunt is warranted in the future.

- Photo courtesy of the Minnesota DNR Web site