50 years ago

February 1970

• Pfc. Larry Krebs, 20, was the third Springfield area man to die of injuries while serving in Vietnam. Before he left for Vietnam, Krebs said that if he died there, no money should be spent on a funeral lunch or flowers, and that funds for them be donated to the USO for Vietnamese orphanages.

• The Morton High School basketball team scored a new district high record when it defeated Fairfax 124 - 53 in a Tomahawk conference game.

• Redwood Falls Hospital Administrator Alan Blades gave a demonstration about how new materials developed for the space program were being used for local medical care.

• The motto of the Redwood Falls Fire Department’s annual fundraising dance was, “If you come to our dance, we’ll come to your fire!”

• The Redwood TV Improvement Corporation wasn’t taking prisoners in Granite Falls. More than 250 Granite Falls residents were delinquent in paying their yearly dues, and the corporation was considering publishing a list of their names in the newspaper.

• Fairfax was in the eye of a storm during a blizzard, with the town itself relatively clear, white-out conditions on all four highways just a few miles out of town and more than 200 travelers spending the night in the local cafe.

25 years ago

February 1995

• With the Redwood Area Hospital and ACMC Clinic in discussions about a possible merger, the name “Redwood Valley Health Center” was floated as a possible name for the new joint business.

10 years ago

February 2010

• The Redwood Area Hospital kitchen was remodeled – its first and only remodeling since that area of the hospital was built in 1952. The kitchen cabinets were the same ones originally installed 58 years earlier.

• Rooms in the Redwood County courthouse were remodeled in order to make them more comfortable for the county’s new circle sentencing program for juvenile offenders.

• Two classes of Reede Gray Elementary School students collected coins to provide relief for victims of the Haiti earthquake.

• The RVHS boys basketball team wore pink shoelaces during games as part of a breast cancer research fundraiser.

• Several weeks after the new residential trash pick-up system was implemented in Redwood Falls, many residents suspected the system was designed by someone in southern California who had never lived in a place where it snowed.