Earlier this week I received an e-mail that claimed it was from an old college friend of mine.

I am still not certain it was actually from him, but before I made a decision about responding I opted to do a little bit of research.

So, I went online and starting looking wherever I could to find answers that would connect my old friend to the e-mail that was sent.

The initial effort did not pan out, and, rather than merely give up, I opted to dig a little deeper.

That is when I lost all sense whatsoever.

That’s right.

I started looking on social media.

Being that I could not specifically find his name there (I am starting to remember why he and I were friends), I opted to start looking using other names I recalled from days gone by that would have been mutual friends or at least would have breathed the same air as we did in the 1990s.

I started with one name and was then linked to another and then another without any progress.

Had I not ultimately come to my senses that chain of links likely would still be going.

Along the way, I was able to recall the names of people I had not seen in years, and so I wondered what they have been doing with their lives.

For that brief moment I got sucked into the abyss that is social media.

I did not like it.

What I learned in that time only reinforced my opinion.

Social media, while it may have limited redeeming qualities, is mostly a waste of time.

I know there are people who will argue that long lost connections have been made and that life for them has changed. I can’t argue against that.

What I can argue is that what too many people are doing today as they scroll, flip, swipe or otherwise move through social media is spending far too much time doing something pointless.

Have you ever asked yourself after hours of time spent on social media why on earth you just spent that much of your life doing something that served no real purpose whatsoever? If you are honest, I think you have to admit that to be the truth.

When I finally stopped I was no closer to finding the answer I sought and far too much of my time was lost.

That is time I am never getting back.

Trust me, I will find a way to connect with my old friend, but it will be in a way that is far more practical.

I am guessing it won’t involve a cell phone – at least on my end – either.