News the American Red Cross is suffering a shortage must have gotten out, because Redwood area blood donors went beyond expectations last Monday and Tuesday (Jan. 20-21) at the Redwood Area Community Center in Redwood Falls.

After the first day, organizer Heather Smith stated, “We had a great turnout today, almost too good. It seems everyone was ready to be out of their house after the snowstorm and do some socializing.”

The two-day goal was 235 units. Taking into account the inevitable no-shows and deferrals, the Red Cross still saw 214 donors for a total of 229 units of blood collected. (Double red cell donations count as two.)

At the end of the day Tuesday, Smith stated, “This community just keeps surprising me with their generosity and endurance. We had a couple of bottlenecks those two days from a lot of walk-ins, but we fit everyone who stuck around in.”


• First time donors: Deb Paskewitz, Meriah Kaufenberg, Carrie Meyers, Mike Kleinhuizen, Peter Smith.

• One gallon: Chelsey Malecek, Sheena Sander

• Two gallon: Joseph Nielson, Joyce Johnson

• Four gallon: Shawn Kodet

• Five gallon: Joann Pfarr, Michael Kaufenberg

• Seven gallon: Matthew Tiffany

• Eight gallon: Barbara Panitzke

• Nine gallon: Thor Kaardal, Beverly Hoffbeck

• 10 gallon: Alycen Stewig

• 12 gallon: Ervin Paulsen

• 15 gallon: Gerald Eichten