This past November, the Redwood Falls Police Commission took up the issue of uncontrolled intersections in the city.

As a result of that discussion, a recommendation was made to install several stop signs in an effort to address traffic flows and safety concerns, which was approved by the city council in December.

Among the locations was on Sunrise Boulevard for traffic traveling east at the short intersection that connects to Broadway.

According to Jason Cotner, Redwood Falls police chief, since the installation of that stop sign residents in the neighborhood began asking for the installation of a second sign for the traffic traveling west. Cotner presented the request for the added stop sign to the city council Jan. 21. 

Cotner said Sunrise Boulevard has become an alternate route for traffic that wants to avoid the DeKalb Street and Broadway intersection, adding that has increased the amount of traffic on that street. That led to the request from those living in that area for the additional stop sign. The city council approved the request.

Keith Muetzel, city administrator, indicated that city staff will go out and make an effort to install the stop sign, but current conditions, including the depth of the frost, may require that the sign be installed at a later date.

In other action during its meeting, the council:

• Approved the appointment of Larry Swann to his first full term on the parks and recreation commission.

• Approved the replacement of the copy machine at city hall and the declaration of 11 copiers, printers and a fax machine as surplus property. The cost of the new copier is $13,216.

According to Missi Meyer, city director of finance and administrative services, the new copier will replace one purchased in 2014 at a cost of $15,908. Meyer added the cost for maintenance and for the supply contract for the new copier is less than what is currently being paid.

• Approved final payment for the roof top air handling units at the Redwood Area Community Center in the amount of $13,923.15. The total cost of the two units being paid to Chappel Central, Inc, for the replacements of two units is $147,807.45.

• Adopted two resolutions related to applications being submitted to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development for grant funding to provide assistance to help repair some of the housing in the community and for assistance to rehabilitate some of the commercial properties in the city’s downtown area. The city is receiving assistance from United Community Action with the grant application.