Following an initial application process, as well as two rounds of interviews, the Redwood Area Board of Education made its decision regarding the individual it wants to move into the role of superintendent for the coming school year.

The board unanimously voted to move forward with Becky Cselovszki, who is currently serving as the superintendent for the St. James school district. The vote was held Jan. 20 during a special meeting that followed the second round of scheduled candidate interviews.

Prior to the vote, members of the board individually talked about both candidates and shared their thoughts on Cselovszki.

For the board, one of the major assets Cselovszki brought to the table was her experience as a superintendent. She has been serving in that role at St. James over the past decade, and in total she has 20 years of superintendent experience.

Prior to Monday’s action, the board had discussed Cselovszki following the first round of interviews, and already at that point many had indicated she had risen to the top of their list.

Board members called Cselovszki a realist, one who is focused on details and who appears to be one who can relate well with people.

Wayne Junker, board member, said the person who takes over the position as superintendent for the Redwood Area School District is stepping into a big job, and he believes Cselovszki is up to the task.

The board also recognized that finding someone who can connect with the staff is critical as it strives to retain its educators in a time when teachers shortages are a reality across the state.

Darin Prescott said he could find very little to say against Cselovszki, adding he has been very impressed with her. 

Board members expressed they got the impression Cselovszki is a consensus builder, adding that she seems to be someone who truly appreciates people. The board also expressed how much they appreciated the fact that she was one who got involved in the school and in the community. They said this is something they certainly had with the current superintendent and hope to continue with the new administration for the school district.

Tony Miller, board member, shared that he was impressed with the fact that she also seems to work toward creating connections with students, especially those who seem to have no one.

With the approval to move ahead with Cselovszki, the board’s negotiations committee will start that portion of the process with Cselovszki.

Bruce Miles of Big River Group, LLC, who served in a consultation and coordination role for the school district in the process, congratulated the board on its decision and thanked the members for the hard work they put in during the selection.

“I think you made a good choice,” said Miles.

Rick Ellingworth, current RASD superintendent, will be retiring at the end of the 2019-20 school year, and the plan would then be to have the new superintendent take over for 2020-21.