When the clock hit midnight on Jan. 1, 2020 a new year and a new decade began.

Just over a day after that first day of 2020 another new arrival came on the scene in Redwood Falls.

Her name is Zoe Elizabeth Hacker, and the daughter of Dawson Hacker and Tala Burnes was born at 5:58 a.m. Jan. 3.

Zoe was the first baby born in 2020 at Carris Health - Redwood in Redwood Falls. She weighed seven pounds, seven ounces and was just over 20 inches long.

Zoe’s mom, Tala, talked about the life-changing event for the family and the joy Zoe has already been bringing to them.

“She is such a good baby,” said Zoe, adding there have been a few stressful times along the way, but mostly it has been a lot of fun being a mom for the first time.

Tala said she found out about the pregnancy back in the late April/early May time frame, and during a conversation with the doctor it was discovered that there was a possibility Zoe could be a new year baby.

Her due date was Jan. 8.

Tala said she started experiencing labor Jan. 2 and went to the hospital that night. The actual delivery was relatively quick, as she had actually arrived at the hospital about 10:30 p.m., and a little more than seven hours later Zoe arrived.

Tala said the family knew that a girl was coming, as they had held a gender reveal event back in the fall. Zoe’s reveal was unique. Tala said they met at Birch Coulee Arena near Morton where blue and pink balloons had been set up on poles.

Tala admitted she thought it was going to be a boy. 

A horse was then guided through the pink balloons. Tala admitted she was excited to know her firstborn was going to be a girl.

When it came to deciding on a name, Tala said they waited.

“It was two weeks before she was born when we decided,” she said, adding Zoe’s dad loves the name Zoe and the middle name is after her great-grandmother.

Tala said Zoe is already rolling around, adding she was lifting her head up soon after she was born.

Mom added with a smile in that way she is a lot like her.

“She is so strong,” said Tala.

Zoe Elizabeth Hacker is starting life in a new year and a new decade, and over the years she is going to experience a lot of changes. What those changes are no one knows.

What Zoe is already realizing is that she is loved by her family and will be well cared for as she grows.