50 years ago

January 1970

• In a report about the district’s new adult community education programs, the Redwood Falls school board learned the most popular new program had been lingerie sewing, which had 29 students during the fall quarter. For the winter quarter, 19 potential lingerie sewing students had to be turned down after the maximum class size had been reached.

• Dennis A. Schultz, 20, of Morton, was the first Redwood County man to be drafted into the army under the nation’s new draft lottery system. Schultz’s number on the national list was 17.

• With lots of federal and state grant programs available for towns with populations of more than 5,000 people, the Redwood Falls city council really hoped the town had gained 716 residents since the 1960 census to put the town over the 5,000 residents mark.

• Emma Mueller, 83, the oldest resident of Redwood Falls who was actually born here, died in the South Minnesota Street home she was born in Aug. 20, 1886.

• During the building of the new addition to the courthouse, some old 1877 handwritten rule books for Red-wood Falls Village turned up.

Among the rules for Redwood Falls at the time were:

• It was forbidden to swim in the Redwood River between 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. within sight of any dwelling house or public walk.

• It was unlawful to leave a dead animal on the river bank or in the river.

• Peddlers, hawkers and exhibitors of rope-dancing needed licenses from the village.

• People who violated the village rules could be jailed for up to 90 days, on a diet of bread and water.

25 years ago

January 1995

• Four individuals, three of them high school students, confessed to being responsible for the latest round of anonymous bomb threats made to Redwood Valley High School. Two threats had been made in just the previous week. The police department said current investigations focused more on middle- school students.

• U.S. Senator Rod Grams asked former Redwood Falls Mayor Gary Revier to chair a task force looking at how unfunded mandates from the U.S. government hurt Minnesota towns and schools.

• The corn harvest was about a third larger than average, with 108 railroad cars of corn being shipped from the Redwood Valley Co-op Elevator branch line.

10 years ago

January 2010

• The regional census manager was still looking for people to collect data in Redwood County for the 2010 census.