The second graders at St. John Lutheran School in Redwood Falls are learning the core subjects, but they are discovering much more than that thanks to their teacher, Annette Schultz.

Schultz, who began her role as the new second-grade teacher at St. John school this academic year, is also helping them better understand their faith. Schultz believes helping them realize the love of their savior is a critical element of their development, and she enjoys knowing each school day there is a chance for her to share that.

“I am very excited to be here,” said Schultz, adding she believes teaching at the second-grade level has been a good fit for her.

Originally from Mankato, Schultz attended Martin Luther College in New Ulm where she earned a degree in elementary education, as well as a minor in music.

“I love kids,” said Schultz, adding being a teacher is a great job, because she gets to introduce new things to the students in her classroom.

Schultz also comes with a variety of experiences from working in retail to being in childcare, early childhood and elementary education settings where she has been involved in working with a variety of age levels as well as in different communities.

Coming into this school year, Schultz had eight years of teaching experience that also including working with students in music. Being one who appreciates music, Schultz said they do a lot of singing in her class, too, and that is something her students really like.

In addition to working with second graders, Schultz is also leading the school’s choir as well as the vocal ensemble Eternal Flame. That gives her the opportunity to share her love of music with even more students.

Music, said Schultz, is an essential part of the development of children. 

Schultz said she enjoys working with younger students, because they still have a longing for learning, adding at that age they still really like their teachers, too.

For Schultz, coming to St. John Lutheran School has been a great decision, adding she is very impressed with her experience as a teacher.

“The facilities are great,” she said, adding the staff and the parents have been very welcoming. “The whole community has been very nice and very welcoming.”

Being a teacher in a Christian school setting was important for Schultz, adding she appreciates the opportunity she has to be in a loving and caring atmosphere that is dedicated to making the Christian faith a priority in what it offers to the students who walk through the doors.

The Christian faith element is incorporated into every subject that is taught in the classroom, said Schultz, adding she believes it is important to tie everything the students are learning back to Christ.

Schultz and her husband, Tim, have two children, and much of their time is spent together as a family. She also enjoys photography and gardening in the time when she is not at school.