50 years ago

January 1970

• When the Minneapolis Tribune did a series of articles about small-town life, Redwood Falls was one of the towns selected. The Gazette noted the Tribune’s photo illustrating Redwood Falls had been altered to move several signs to the opposite side of the street, and that an imaginary building had been added to the south end of East Second Street.

• If you called the Redwood County auditor’s office and asked to speak to “Pat B.”, you had the choice of speaking to auditor Pat Byram, part-time assistant Patty Boggess, or new employee Patricia Burgemeister.

• Organizers of the annual Minnesota Inventors Congress were working to get a piece of moon rock to display at the next show in June.

• A Redwood Falls man suffered extensive neck lacerations when he drove his snowmobile into a barbed wire fence near Morton. He was able to drive his vehicle to the Redwood Falls Hospital for treatment before collapsing.

• The annual report about auto accidents in Redwood Falls showed that in 1969, 41 of the 133 accidents within city limits involved drivers who were either 18 or 17 years old.

• Senior Jean Bieber earned the title of Redwood Falls High School’s 1970 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow.

• A Gazette correction noted the name of a South American nation mentioned in the previous edition wasn’t actually spelled “Chili”, and noted the reporter must have been hungry at the time.

25 years ago

January 1995

• Former Redwood Falls residents living as far away as Ivoryton, Conn., sent in donations to help with the construction of a new public library.

• The Redwood Valley school district was receiving so many false bomb threats that classes continued during the most recent two. It helped that investigators already suspected which students were probably going to call in the next threats, and that the calls were traced to the Pizza Hut.

• Former Redwood Falls Mayor Gary Revier reminisced about his time in office and said he planned to stay active in community affairs in the future.

10 years ago

January 2010

• Brooklyn Elizabeth Zachariason was the first baby born in 2010 at the Redwood Area Hospital.

• Michele Petermann of Redwood Falls reminisced about growing up in Nazi-occupied France as a little girl.

• Redwood Falls Mayor Gary Revier gave his thoughts about the importance of the town investing in new projects to thrive in the future.