Heidi Remmele brings a unique background to her role as an educator at St. John Lutheran School in Redwood Falls.

After all, she actually graduated from the local Lutheran school.

Remmele, who grew up in Echo and is currently living there, is teaching sixth graders at St. John school and is in her first full-time role as an educator.

Although Remmele ultimately earned a degree in elementary education, she did not initially plan to become a teacher. It was during an introductory class that she took in college which focused on education when Remmele learned what teaching could be for her.

“I enjoyed that so much,” said Remmele, adding it convinced her that was where she would find her niche.

Teaching is not a new concept in her family, as her mom has been involved in education, and Remmele admitted growing up she often played school.

“I guess you could say I gravitated toward education,” said Remmele with a smile.

Following graduation, Remmele did not immediately enter the world of education. While she has done some substitute teaching, she was working as a personal care attendant. She has also done storm damage assessment.

Having had a child along the way, Remmele said she was doing a lot of night and weekend work that was keeping her from her son. So, she was looking more seriously at making a change to be around him more often.

So, how did she end up at St. John’s?

“God did it,” said Remmele, adding, from her perspective the fact that she was hired as a teacher in the school where she was taught is incredible.

Remmele said God has had a plan all along for her life, and that is what led to the door opening up for her to teach at the Redwood Falls school.

One of the roles Remmele has been filling for the past several years is as the activity director at a camp, and in that setting, which is for youth in Grades 3-8, she had the chance to get to know some of the students who are part of her class at St.John’s.

Remmele said her focus is on helping students take the next step in their academics, wether it be reading or math, although she added math is the subject she enjoys most.

However, Remmele also realizes the responsibility she has to help students as they grow in their personal faith.

“I am growing in my own faith right along with them,” she said, adding that has been a real blessing for her.

Remmele said things have been going very well in her role as an educator, adding it is also nice that her son, Sawyer, is also a student at St. John’s.

Remmele is truly convinced she is where God wants her to be.