Members of the Redwood Valley drum line began playing a rhythmic cadence, while behind them a crane was helping achieve another milestone at the site of the future Carris Health - Redwood medical campus in Redwood Falls.

As the crane symbolically and literally lifted the final beam in place at the site, a crowd of construction workers and community members watched knowing that action meant the new building was closer to becoming a reality.

Bryan Lydick, Carris Health - Redwood administrator, called it one more step forward for the hospital project in the community. 

Lydick said what is happening in Redwood Falls is different compared to what other community hospitals are experiencing.

“We’re investing in growth in our community,” said Lydick, who expressed appreciation to the community and the people working on site who are doing their part to make the project a reality.

Lydick called it a special building that is going to bring great opportunity to the community for years.

“We’re really proud to see this building come together,” said David Larson, who is CentraCare vice-president of facilities management. “It really takes a community to make something this big happen.”

Larson said progress is happening quickly.

Ground was broken on the site of the new medical campus May 30, and in the months since then work has been ongoing, with the external walls up allowing for work on the inside of the building to continue during the winter months.

According to Larson, there is 1.3 miles of PVC pipe installed in the new facility, as well as six miles of electrical conduit adding the statistics will continue to show just how impressive the facility will be when it is finished.

Larson said there has been a commitment to local participation on the project, adding they consider 20 percent of the workforce on site as being local.

At its peak, it is anticipated that there will be 100 people working on site.

Lydick added the project will also include a major infrastructure investment in the area of $700,000 that will not only benefit the medical campus but the rest of the area, with the potential of 500 acres of future development becoming a possibility.

Following the beam placement, those in attendance had the opportunity to take tours of the site.

During a tour Lydick and Larson discussed the project, adding while weather has had an impact on the project overall, things have been going well during the months work has been happening.

The goal is to have the project completed and ready for occupancy in 2021, but there is still a lot of work on the site and in the transition from the current site to the new one that still has to be done.