I am not a dancer, nor am I much of a world traveler.

Granted, I have been to more than a handful of U.S. states, but, at last count, there were still more of them I have not been to than ones I have visited.

Actually, Florida is one of the states I have visited, but I will be honest with you.

I wish I could say later this week I was making a return trip.

This coming Saturday (Dec. 28) a group of local members of the Just For Kix program, as well as some of their family members, will be making the trek to Tampa, Fla. where they are scheduled to perform during the Outback Bowl college football game.

I have never been to a bowl game, although it was close several years ago when my family visited El Paso during the Christmas holiday. In fact, I can’t even remember ever being to a college football game in person at all.

I love college football and am always excited this time of the year to watch any and every game I can. (Over the weekend (Dec. 21) I actually sat and enjoyed games played by teams like Alcorn State, North Carolina A&T and Boise State. These are teams I am not all that familiar with – except for the cool blue Boise State stadium, and the only reason I know of them at all is that they are the type of teams I could beat up on when I played NCAA football on the family’s PS2.)

Anyway, I met with Ann Vote and several of the girls on a recent Sunday afternoon in Franklin, and I could tell how excited they were not only to be making this trip but to know they would be performing in front of Minnesota fans.

That just made me even more jealous.

I actually recalled sitting down one year ago and talking with one of the families making this trip, and we joked about the fact that it would be pretty cool if the Gophers were actually playing in the game.

Of course, what I knew at the time was that there was no way the U of M would ever be playing in that game.

Now the joke’s on me.

I am extremely impressed with the amount of effort these families made to make this trip possible, as they raised a lot of money to go. I want to congratulate them on their hard work and to express how proud I am of the community who has stood behind them supporting their efforts to make this once-in-a-lifetime dream come true for this group.

I don’t have any interest in going to Florida to avoid the cold, but just being there with them – even if it is a pile of teenage and pre-teen girls – would be fun.

I look forward to talking with them when they get back.

Take lots of photos.

I hope I can see you on TV Jan. 1.

Have a blast.

Don’t forget to bring me something good.